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Newspaper Coverage


Date Title Newspaper Place
March 23 Potty pioneers The Hamilton Spectator Hamilton, ON, Canada
March 11 This mother to try potty training at 3 months The Toronto Star Toronto, ON, Canada
February 8 DiaperFreeBaby: la naissance d'un nouveau mouvement Le Soleil Montreal, QC, Canada



Date Title Newspaper Place
September 15 Bringing up baby, minus diapers The Charlotte Observer Charlotte, NC
April 22 Born Free Ottawa Sun Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
February 22 Moms use process of elimination The Chicago Sun Times Chicago, IL



Date Title Newspaper Place
October 22 'Diaper Free' praised, pooh-poohed News-Sentinel Fort Wayne, Indiana
February 24 'EC' puts babies on the potty even before they can sit up Austin American Statesman Austin, Texas
January 19 An end to diapers? Star-Ledger New Jersey
January 7 Look, Mom! No Diapers New York Post New York



Date Title Newspaper Place
October 7 The Potty Whisperers Globe and Mail Canada
August 19 Are Americans really ready to get past the diaper stage? Rocky Mountain Times Denver, Colorado
July 10 Potty Training for Parents and Children Salt Lake Tribune Salt Lake City, Utah
May 25 Doing Away With Diapers The Daily Republic Fairfield, California
May 14 Infants Shed the Diaper Poughkeepsie Journal Poughkeepsie, New York
April 29 Diaper-free from the get go The Montreal Gazette Montreal, Quebec, Canada
April 25 Parents Ditch Diapers in Parenting Approach Asheville Citizen-Times Asheville, North Carolina
March 17 Close-up section Salt Lake Tribune Salt Lake City, Utah
January 22 Infants use the potty? Some moms saying yes  Kingsport Times-News  Kingsport, Tennessee 
January 16  Tinkle, tinkle little star  Spokesman-Review Spokane, Wash./Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
January 16 Diaper-free Babies  The Plain Dealer  Cleveland, Ohio 



Date Title Newspaper Place
December 13 Elever un b?b? sans recourir aux couches-culottes Le Monde France
December 11 A loaded question Northwest Indiana
December 5 Pooh-poohing diapers The National Post Canada
December 4 Nurturing Nature's Call Portland Press Herald Portland, Maine
November 16 Potty on, people Vancouver Courier Vancouver, Canada
November 15 Fraldas nunca mais no minimo Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
November 8  Deciding When It's Potty Time  Boulder Daily Camera  Colorado
November 7  Getting rid of diapers - a new trend in the USA  Medical Tribune  Germany
November 7 Born Free Tulsa World Tulsa, Oklahoma
November 4 Huggies go bye-bye Savannah Morning News Savannah, Georgia
October 27 Ancient Potty Training System is Gaining Supporters, Critics Fort Worth Star Telegram  Fort Worth, Texas 
October 26 Parents embrace 'diaper-free' regimen Lansing State Journal Lansing, Michigan
October 24 It's my potty and I'll try if I want to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October 21 What a way to go St. Petersburg Times (Brandon Times) Tampa Bay, Florida
October 18 WHIZ KIDS: Moms potty-train their infants by using 'elimination communication' Detroit Free Press Detroit, Michigan
October 17 Diaper Change: Leave 'em behind The Journal Gazette Fort Wayne, Indiana
October 16 Potty Train Infants? Yes (by Laurie Boucke) New York Daily News New York
October 15 Early potty training in vogue for some US parents AFP (Agence France Presse) Europe
October 11 Ditch those dirty diapers, baby! Lowell Sun Lowell, Massachusetts
October 11 Dare to Bare (op-ed by Meredith Small) The New York Times New York
October 9 A Fast Track to Toilet Training for Those at the Crawling Stage The New York Times U.S.A.
October 2 Time for a Change? The Providence Journal Providence, Rhode Island
September 25 From birth to the potty in three weeks The Telegraph United Kingdom
September 1 Let's Have a Potty The Tampa Tribune Tampa Bay, Florida
August 15 Never too young to potty The News Tribune Tacoma, Washington
August 8 "Just too good to be true? No nappies - and no potty training" The Telegraph  United Kingdom 
July 17 Bare-bottom babies The Oregonian Portland, Oregon
July 15 Wee problem is big deal The Toronto Star Toronto, Canada
July 5 Look, Ma, no diaper! The Boston Globe Boston, Massachusetts
June 15 Understanding the signs can lead to 'diaper-free babies' The Mountaineer Haywood County, North 
May 28 Potty Prodigies St. Petersburg Times Tampa Bay, Florida


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