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Volunteer Opportunities

The Importance of Volunteers

DiaperFreeBaby is run entirely by volunteers. Many of these volunteers are moms and dads who are finding great joy in putting their parenting years to good use by actively advocating for EC. In fact, several of our volunteers have gone on to use skills they have learned while volunteering for us in jobs they've gotten once their children are in school!

Please consider volunteering with us. Whatever your time availability, whatever your skills, we can find a spot for you. The popularity of EC is still increasing. Help us meet the challenge of supporting those who come to us for information.

Types of Volunteers

There are two basic types of volunteers that keep DiaperFreeBaby running.


Local Mentors are those who run Local Groups. Some of these Local Mentors are actively striving to advocate for EC in their communities. Others of them are more than happy to respond to your emails or phone calls. For more information about volunteering locally, see Becoming a Local Mentor.


Global Advocates make up the centralized staff of volunteers that run DiaperFreeBaby. These volunteers are responsible for running everything from our website and email addresses to designing advertising materials. For more information about joining this team see Becoming a Global Advocate.

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