Become a Global Advocate

Become a Global Advocate

The Global Advocacy Team is a team of approximately 50 volunteers all working together to coordinate DiaperFreeBaby's efforts. We have four different administrative Departments and four different Programs, as listed below.


Department of Finance and Administration
Department of Development
Department of PR and Marketing
Department of Information Services

Membership Program
Mentorship Program
Global Advocacy Program
Health Care Provider Program

We hope to have additional programs in the future (a Certification Program, for instance.)

Below you will find a list of positions which we are actively recruiting for. HOWEVER, we are always accepting applications. If you have any free time and any desire to be a Global Advocate, we want to make it work.

To request an application, please contact us.

The application consists of three parts and a phone call. If you wish to simultaneously apply to serve as a Local Mentor, that is possible. Please indicate that wish when you request your application.