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Consider Becoming a Member of DiaperFreeBaby!

Since DiaperFreeBaby began advocating worldwide for the practice of Elimination Communication, we have seen the number of families interested in and practicing EC grow each year! Our online communities are flourishing and we continue to support local communities through our free support groups. To better serve the growing EC community, our priorities include:

  • Improved and expanded Mentor support to handle the increased demand for local Group meetings and activity
  • Further developing outreach and educational materials
  • Expanding and reworking the website to make it more helpful
  • Starting work on a more active fundraising effort so that we can take advantage of more opportunities to advocate for EC

To assist with making this all possible, we offer a Membership program for families and for health care providers.

Core Services Available to All

The services you already enjoy from DiaperFreeBaby are offered to members and non-members alike. Any interested caregiver is welcome in our online communities and at the meetings. Most articles on the DiaperFreeBaby website are available to everyone, as is the DiaperFreeBaby Shop. These core services are vital ways in which DiaperFreeBaby pursues its mission.

Membership Offers Even More!

  • For individual members, the most important benefit will be knowing you are supporting DiaperFreeBaby in the coming year, and contributing directly to our upcoming projects
  • A portion of membership dues remains with your local group, providing the finances for photocopying flyers and Discover brochures, as well as making other projects possible, such as starting a library of EC books or hosting a table at a local fair
  • For those without a local Group, becoming a member makes us more aware of the need for a Group in your area
  • Members may receive a member discount, usually 10% off the list price, when purchasing books and other items from DiaperFreeBaby. 
  • An annual members' report will keep you up to date on how DiaperFreeBaby is achieving our goals

If you've been meaning to contribute to DiaperFreeBaby now that we're tax-exempt, now is a great time to tack on an additional amount without costing you any extra effort.  

I want to support DiaperFreeBaby as a contributing Member!

The Fine Print

You should consult with your tax advisor to determine what portion, if any, of your dues is tax deductible. All dues are non-refundable. 


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