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Practicing EC

75 Benefits of Elimination Communication

EC is convenient because it:

67. Reduces the number of diapers that need to be changed.

68. Reduces or eliminates poopy diapers!

69. Removes worries about running out of diapers.

70. Cuts down on washing cloth diapers or clothes dirtied by diaper "blow-outs."

71. Works well in unexpected situations and emergencies.

72. Enables parents to travel light with baby - fewer or no diapers and diapering accessories to lug around.

73. Reduces the likelihood of having "two in diapers" and removes the stress of trying to potty train a toddler before a new baby is born.

74. Is easier than changing a diaper in very small bathrooms.

75. Is less messy than conventional diapering. Eliminations are in a toilet or potty rather than on the baby.


Ready to "GO" diaper-free?

You're learned about what EC is. Now learn how.
Get hands-on, visual EC instruction from our friends at Go Diaper Free.
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