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Practicing EC

75 Benefits of Elimination Communication

EC supports positive child development and enhances capabilities because it:

30. Is based on the knowledge that babies have bladder and sphincter control from birth.

31. Respects babies' abilities to communicate their needs from birth.

32. Enables a child gain motor skills earlier in selfdressing. Baby is actively involved in pulling her pants down and up from a younger age.

33. Reminds parents that many "facts" about child development are culturally-entrenched and believing these facts may lead families to limit certain experiences.

34. Supports babies in developing self-confidence from infancy.

35. Gives baby a chance to show how well she can communicate.

36. Provides "advanced notice" of upcoming developmental milestones. Increased "misses" frequently precede developmental changes.

37. Follows and adapts to children's developmental stages.

38. Reduces or eliminates the embarrassment of "accidents" common with toddler/pre-school-aged children.

39. Reduces or eliminates potty training struggles.

40. Reduces or eliminates some hyperactive behavior. Hyperactivity or "misbehavior" is often a sign of a child's need to eliminate. Dealing with this need rather than focusing on the behavior can reduce the stress of the situation and avoids conflict.

41. Teaches children healthy rhythms and routines.

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