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Practicing EC

Babywearing and EC

When you wear your baby, you are tuned into your baby's activity level, comfort, and need for nourishment. This kind of communication also lets you tune in to your baby's elimination patterns. Like learning to wear your baby, learning how to do EC takes some practice, but the advantages make it worth the effort.

Babywearing and EC both:

• Encourage verbal skills

• Follow babies' needs and interests

• Keep you in sync with your baby

• Help babies be more content and cry less

• Are compatible with natural parentingpractices such as Attachment
Parenting and The Continuum Concept parenting

• Support breastfeeding

• Can be done by both parents and other caregivers

Why Practice Elimination Communication?

EC provides additional ways to communicate with your baby. The two way
communication and responsiveness between you can be a real self-esteem

• EC paves the way for future toilet learning, preventing the need to
unlearn using a diaper

• EC creates less mess. It is much easier to clean a little spot than
the baby's whole bottom

• EC is friendly to the environment, reducing a dependency on
disposable diapers or the washing of cloth.

• EC follows the needs of the caregiver and the child and is never coercive.

• EC provides another parenting tool to explain fussy behavior

EC Cues to Look For While Wearing Baby

• Wriggling

• Feet pushing against you

• Trying to stand up in the sling

• Bouncing

• Arching out of the carrier

• "Phantom" pee on front or back

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Ready to "GO" diaper-free?

You're learned about what EC is. Now learn how.
Get hands-on, visual EC instruction from our friends at Go Diaper Free.
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