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Practicing EC


Q: Figuring out new cues through developmental changes - My daughter is 8 months old and is moving around a lot. I've always relied on verbal cues from her to know when she needs to pee, but now that she's more active and trying to reach everything in sight, her verbalizations are no longer clear to me. What can I do?


A: We were casual EC'ers until our son was mobile, and perhaps it was his mobility that caused us to take this more seriously. Since I could no longer rely on his signals for a period of time, I turned to timing to catch pees. I knew he usually had to go about 5-10 minutes after waking up and then every hour after that, so I just started taking him to the potty at those times. We made potty time fun by reading special potty-only books, or looking at special potty-only toys, and I didn't push it if he crawled off without peeing. The time from when our son started crawling until he started walking was really the pivotal time for us! (answer provided by Sarah Reid, Des Moines, IA).

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