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Q: How do I EC when traveling?


A: Many people travel at this time of year, and if you’re one of them, you might be wondering if you can continue to EC while traveling or if you should take a break. While some families do find EC to be a challenge while traveling because their baby is thrown off by the change in routine, others find that they have more time to relax while on vacation, which is a great aid in EC’ing. Since you might have a little more freedom from daily household routines, EC might fall into place a little better now. Consider taking a familiar potty along in your suitcase (it's lightweight and won’t take up much room), or an insert if your child is old enough to use one. There are a number of useful items on the market, including portable, collapsible potties and inserts. Offer your child a potty opportunity, or "pottytunity," every so often, especially if you or another family member happen to be using the bathroom. Other times to offer pottytunities are before leaving in the morning, before/after meals, or when you happen to be near a bathroom and know you won’t be near another one for awhile. If you are a cloth diaper user but are using disposables while traveling, you may consider using them with a liner so that you and your baby remain aware of his elimination (disposables are made to feel dry, which can inhibit awareness). Cue your child when you know she is going even if you’re not always getting her to a toilet, and change as frequently as you can so your baby doesn’t get too used to sitting in a wet or dirty diaper. Remember that if you find yourselves in sync while traveling, you might find yourself going through very few diapers at all. All family’s experiences are different. For some families, EC will go well, while others will find themselves naturally scaling back and doing it only when they can. Some of it depends as well on the age of your child. If you have a toddler, you can make scouting out new bathrooms a fun part of travel. Remember to bring things along (a favorite toy or book or his favorite potty) to keep things as similar as possible to how they usually are at home. The most important thing, as always, is to remain stress-free. If you fall out of your routine while away, you will be able to get back on track when you return.


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