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Q: Aiming boys...
I have a 3 month old boy. We use the toilet reducer seat at home which has a little cup to catch the urine, but when we are not at home I have trouble coordinating the holding and aiming at the same time. Any suggestions?


A: ~I recommend that you practice aiming at home, because not only can it get tricky, but a lot of little boys stop urinating if their penis is touched, until they get used to the idea that they're being aimed.

Hold your boy in the "classic" position, but instead of holding his right leg in your hand, rest the leg over your wrist, and use your middle finger to gently aim the stream (so your hand is kind of weaving between the leg and the penis). Use your left instead if that's your dominant hand. [see picture below for a similar position]

For what it's worth, stream direction, aim, and force, all change as the baby grows, so you won't need to do this forever. =)
(answer provided by Laureen in California)

~Try holding your baby as pictured here:

Photo: Elizabeth Sabourin, Vancouver

Photo: Elizabeth Sabourin, Vancouver, Canada


~Have you tried turning him around backwards on the toilet when you are not at home? This way you can kind of bend him toward the seat a little if need be to get his arc in. Hope this helps!
(answer provided by Rikki in Italy)

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