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Practicing EC


Q: People often talk about their baby showing signs he or she has to go to the bathroom. What are these signs?


A: The answer to this question varies depending on your child's age.

If your child is a newborn, you can consider keeping an eye out for signs such as:
• Grunting
• Passing gas
• Wiggling or squirming
• Looking intent

If your child is in middle infancy (about 3-8 months of age), she may:
• Blow raspberries
• Pass gas
• Make a certain consistent vocalization
• Start to cry
• Look intent

If your child is older, look for signs such as:
• Actually verbalizing the need to go
• Baby signs (if your child has been taught that)
• Looking down between legs
• Stopping activity, looking intent
• Walking or crawling towards a bathroom

Remember that each child is unique, and EC is about honing your ability to tune into your child. Not all children will show the signs listed above, and most will show signs other than those listed here.With practice, you'll cultivate an awareness for your own child's EC signals.

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