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Practicing EC

Getting Started with EC: the When and How of Elimination Communication

by Lisa Bobrow

One of the most common questions people ask after hearing about Elimination Communication (EC) is "How do I start?" Ingrid Bauer, author of DiaperFree!, suggests:

"Once you've decided to begin and have established your intention, simply continue to enjoy the presence of your baby, with a new and heightened awareness of elimination needs...Natural Infant Hygiene is part of a larger continuum of responsive infant care. By carrying your child, by co-sleeping, by nursing freely and responding promptly to your baby's needs, you are already laying the foundation upon which the practice grows." (DiaperFree! page 116)

So if you are reading this, you might have already started practicing EC without even realizing it!

Your new awareness of basic EC theory, that babies know when they need to eliminate and are capable of communicating this need, has probably led you to make some interesting observations. You might have noticed that your baby pees 5 minutes after nursing, or grunts just before he poops. These types of observations will guide you on WHEN to help your baby eliminate without a diaper.

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Getting Started with EC

Getting Started with EC: the When and How of Elimination Communication

Part I: When to EC

Part II: How to EC

Making EC as easy as 1,2, Pee!

Ready to "GO" diaper-free?

You're learned about what EC is. Now learn how.
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