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Practicing EC

Getting Started with EC: the When and How of Elimination Communication

by Lisa Bobrow

Making EC as easy as 1,2, Pee!

In places where EC is the norm, the practice is so culturally established that there is no need to examine it to understand how it works. Luckily for us, authors Ingrid Bauer and Laurie Boucke, among others, have written extensively on the subject to help those of us raised in "Diaperland" comprehend what can at first seem an impenetrable mystery. In her article "Infant Potty Training" Laurie Boucke assures us that:

"All this eventually becomes second nature. The important thing is not to be too fanatic about it and do not let it cause stress. The key is to remain relaxed, while expecting many accidents at first--these gradually fade away over time."

Some parents choose to go diaperless fulltime right from the start. Others will start gradually, offering pee opportunities just at certain times throughout the day or part of the day. Many parents practice EC fulltime but use diapers as back-up, simply removing them to offer a pee if the diaper is dry, or changing it if it is wet. Remember that there are many ways to begin putting EC into practice. The way you choose will depend on your lifestyle, personality, and personal preference.

Your EC journey has just begun. Stay relaxed, and bon voyage!

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