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Practicing EC


Q: I'm going back to work full-time when my baby is three months old. She'll be in daycare/with a babysitter. Why bother? I'm sure it won't work.


A: EC has benefits for your child no matter how often you practice it. Many working parents have successfully practiced EC on a part-time basis, saving it for when they are able to be with the child (in the evening or on weekends). A little diaper-free time in the evening before your child's bath, for instance, is a nice way for parents to get in tune with their children after having been separated during the day. A child will not get confused being conventionally diapered at daycare and EC'ed at home. Many parents who are with their children full-time also practice EC on a part-time basis in this manner with no ill effects. It's a matter of finding the pace that works best for them.

Some parents will make it a priority to find a babysitter or daycare provider who will be open to EC'ing their child. For instance, they might bring the topic up during their initial interview with the caregiver. Sometimes caregivers have grown up in cultures where practicing EC is the norm and only need to be asked to do it with your child. Since it isn't the norm in our culture, they may not do EC with your child unless you specifically ask them to. Other parents will simply let their caregivers know that their child is being EC'ed and let the child and caregiver work out a rhythm of their own. It is not unheard of for babies to eventually signal to their caregivers the need to use the toilet.

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