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A Publication About Elimination Communication

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As interest in Elimination Communication grows and DiaperFreeBaby support meetings become more widespread, we have more opportunities to meet other people on this journey of gentle parenting. However, since it is unlikely that the majority of people we know are EC'ing, it helps to know that we are not alone.

Sometimes we still just need to know that we are not alone. We need the unique perspectives of those already ECing. Sometimes we want to laugh with recognition, sometimes we want to cry from inspiration, other times we just want practical advice. All of those things and more are contained on the pages of Infant Pottying Today.

Some of the things you might find are:

Cover Stories: Practical pieces on aspects of the practice of EC. These stories are of interest no matter where we are on our journeys.

Getting Started: Personal stories about getting started on EC, including: discovering EC, EC's appeal, and what it was like to begin.

Graduation: Different stories about graduation - your child's journey to toilet independence. This experience varies for everyone yet is laced with common threads. Even when we are just beginning it is helpful to see where we will arrive.

Questions from EC'ing Families, FAQ's, and Helpful Tips: Answers to EC'ing questions such as: EC'ing in Cold Weather, EC'ing in Public, Nighttime EC.

Creative Corner: Poems, essays, or artwork on the topic of EC. These can make us laugh, giving a relaxed kind of energy essential for EC. These can move us to tears, providing the inspiration needed along the way.

Photographs: Seeing is believing, and visuals can help you really understand that EC is possible and demonstrate practical pottying positions. Photographs can even express the communication dynamic between caregiver and child during EC.

Above all, this is publication is for you and we want to hear from you! Please click here to send comments or submissions to Infant Pottying Today.



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