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Creative Corner

Oh, Darling Child
by Drakka (Whidbey Island, Washington)

Oh, Darling Child
Precious one who is
part of me and yet
all her own

I remember the day
when I learned
you had joined us
How great my joy

Over and over
I recall those
fluttering kicks
and mighty punches

The day you were born
I could not look at you
without crying
at your perfect beauty

But you are human
like me
your body consumes
and eliminates

I envisioned you
with your perfect skin
wrapped in plastic
wet and fretful

Perfect child
encased in filth
It's not right
you, swaddled in waste

The primal mother
in me sees
that this
isn't the way

Help me, Grandmothers
who birthed alone
and powerfully
on soft forest floors

You who knew what
breasts are for
holding your treasures
with milkwet chins

I see you with
babies pulled
to your chests
squatting them

I see a clear arc
showering the ground
baby smiles
all is well

I take this vision
make it mine
Sssssss like a breeze
my baby is dry
And happy


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