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DiaperFreeBaby and Elimination Communication in the News
by Elizabeth Parise, Communications Manager, and Mentor, Massachusetts

DiaperFreeBaby was the focus of a media storm of attention during the second half of 2005. It started with a few stories breezing in, then came on fast and furious with the People Magazine article, "Toilet Training at 6 Months?" This was followed closely by The New York Times article, "A Fast Track to Toilet Training For Those At The Crawling Stage" and the "big three," the national morning talk shows. After this, the interest continued to thunder towards us affording the opportunity to share a passion for EC.

It is funny to think that a basic human function, such as elimination, would create so much interest, but EC is really a "lost art" that intrigues the media and the public. The onslaught of attention has allowed us to reach new audiences and more people than ever before. It has moved us toward our mission of "helping families around the world discover and enjoy the emotional, developmental, environmental, and health benefits of practicing Elimination Communication." The press might not always get it exactly right, as it is hard to "find" this "lost art" and describe it accurately in two to four minutes or a page and a half, but it sparks knowledge of the possibility of EC.

The winds of the media storm have quieted a little, but interest is still blowing around. Perhaps we are just in the eye of the storm. The stories are evolving and becoming more in depth. Journalists are becoming more interested in providing practical tips than opposing viewpoints. There may even come a day when EC is not an interesting news story because it is integrated and enjoyed by so many, but for now...check out our In The News page.


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