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EC Survey

Responses to: When out and about, where is the place you are most comfortable pottying your baby? Where are you least comfortable?

Brianna (Ely, Minnesota) : I think I am most comfortable in our van or a bathroom that isn't too busy. I am least comfortable pottying either of them outside, with people around or in busy bathrooms. Especially when there is a wait and I have to talk to baby and tell him to hold it! People give the funniest looks.

Jack : I feel most comfortable pottying my baby on our farm, or on the wood's edge (outside in nature). I feel least comfortable pottying him when visiting relatives and everyone's curiousity seems to measure our "success." "Did he go?" they like to ask as soon as we exit the bathroom.

Amanda (Miami, Florida) : I have a six month old son, Raven Gabriel, and we've been practicing EC since he was one month. We use our toilet at home, so he is used to sitting backwards with mum holding him from behind; this has proved convenient because our home-base is in Miami, so as is the case in big cities, we are out-&-about most days. I prefer to use the toilet as i can sit and it engenders patience because my posture is better, although his papa prefers the sink since he is much taller. In using the toilet, I am immediately reminded that this process takes time. I recall a sign on the back of a friend's yoga studio's bathroom door that read "don't just do something, sit there". So, whether on a road trip, an airplane, visiting friends, or grocery shopping, there is always a toilet near that Raven can use. We have stopped the car & used as secluded a spot as available on occasions, but my preference is still the toilet. Perhaps I can't shake the feeling of civility & ceremony in using a toilet and a bidet. the sink is a great bidet substitute for babies & that completes the elimination ceremoniously.

Anna, (Dunkirk, Maryland) : When out and about during the colder months, our favorite place to potty is in our warm van (into a potty insert). Our least favorite place to potty out of the house is any public restroom because they just are not warm enough and our littlest likes to go in a quieter place..

Response to: What led you to do Elimination Communication with your child?

Laura (Bismark, ND) : I had been searching for a sling to help me hold my 14 month old so I could save my back. I was led to Joyce's website... On her website she talks about EC. She has some informative articles and personal experiences posted there. They were very intriguing, so I searched some more. I finaly made the decision to go diaper free a day later! I have not gone back since.

Vivienne (Boulder, CO) : I started EC when a friend, who had just begun, called me to tell me that she caught her first poop. I wanted to wash my own diapers and I thought this would make my life more easy. I thought I would just focus on the poops, but once you start recognizing the signals, it is impossible to ignore them.

I read Ingrid Bauer's book in one sitting. When I got to the part where she described pausing mid-conversation to pee her baby, I thought, "Wow, that's amazing, but it will never be me." I couldn't imagine being able to communicate with my son that way. We started when Casey was 2 1/2 months old and at 8 months we are diaper free during the day (including outings in the car!) and he is starting to wake up from naps dry. Now I am the person who pauses a conversation to take her baby outside for a 10 second pit stop. Nothing could be more natural or easy.

Thanks for being a catalyst!


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