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DiaperFreeBaby and Elimination Communication in the News

by Elizabeth Parise, Communications Manager, and Mentor, Massachusetts

The media has continued to show an amazing interest in helping us to share EC. We had a run of TV spots around "Sweeps Week" in February/March from Utah to Connecticut, Colorado to Ohio.

Many of the magazine articles are starting to be published too, so many in fact, that we have added a separate In The News category for them. Keep checking back as many more will be included soon.

We have seen interest from parenting websites increasing including Mothering and Clever Parents.

The focus has been shifting, too. There is much less in the way of "debate" and more in the way of practical information and tips. We have seen this in articles like EC Fans Ditching Diapers For Johns in the Salt Lake Tribune and Infants Use The Potty? Some Moms Say Yes in The Kingsport Times News.

Diaper-free babies: A Consumer Report CBS 12 News Missouri 7 approached the story with a fresh angle by giving us a consumer angle and several stories have included EC supportive pediatricians such as Chronicle in Boston and ABC in Denver.

Please visit In The News to see all the exciting news stories around the world. Over twenty new stories have just been added and there are many more to come.


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