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The Language of EC


As opposed to saying their babies are "toilet trained," families practicing EC often refer to when their babies "graduated." Some people define "graduated" as being out of diapers, regardless of "misses." And others declare their babies "graduated" when they take primary responsibility for their pottying and can go several weeks without a "miss," even though they still need help with clothing and/or wiping. Some babies are "daytime" graduates before being "nighttime" graduates and yet others are the opposite.

Given the variation among definitions, some people in the EC community have begun referring to "phases of gradhood" since EC is a learning process and not a time-specific event. The following is one definition of these phases as outlined by Freddy of Germany.

Phase 1: Stays dry pretty reliably with caregiver's help

Phase 2: Signals rather consistently, needing occasional reminders

Phase 3: Independently goes to the potty

Phase 4: Is self sufficient, including wiping

Regardless of the definition, it is interesting and important to note that babies reach difference phases at different ages and there should be no expectations for any particular ability at a given age.


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