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Dress for Success: How to Dress your Child to make EC'ing Quick and Easy

When doing EC, part of what makes it easy is having your child dressed in clothes that are easy to take off. But that doesn't mean that you can't put your child in ordinary baby clothes. Fortunately, there are lots of options out there, as well as some pieces specific to EC'ing that are uniquely adorable.

For newborns, it's usually best to avoid long one-piece rompers, even if not EC'ing, because if you need to take the whole thing off, your baby may get cold and find it an unpleasant experience. It's easier to keep baby in a warm top and then leggings or long socks on the bottom as well as a diaper or easy-to-remove training pant. Some parents will keep their very young, immobile babies diaper-free and have them simply lying on a loose prefold or diaper in their laps so they can quickly take note of when baby is going to the bathroom.

As baby grows older and becomes mobile, those same one-piece rompers which are inconvenient for newborns can actually be useful. Many parents will leave some of the buttons near the crotch unbuttoned so as to make, in effect, a split-crotch outfit for the baby which makes it easy to assist baby onto the toilet.

At any age, clothing designed specifically for EC'ed babies will come in handy. There is a wide variety of clothing out there including split crotch pants, BabyLeg leggings, and training pants. Depending on how warm the weather is in your area, a simple long top or tunic over underwear is a simple and easy choice for your baby when you are relaxing at home. Your baby can wear a more complete outfit when going out. The communication skills you and your child hone during your relaxed moments at home will likely make it easier for her to signal to you the need to go to the bathroom no matter where she is or what she's wearing.


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