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New Programs from DiaperFreeBaby

The DiaperFreeChallenge

"I tried it and I was hooked!" has been sung by EC'ers everywhere. People often can't *really* conceive of how EC works until they try it. This idea is the inspiration behind a new summer campaign, The DiaperFreeChallenge.

The "challenge" is to try EC for one day...try it and you'll be hooked. This could mean different things to different people. For some parents it could mean setting aside a day to let baby go diaper-free. For others already practicing EC it could mean a chance to accelerate the process and further tune-in to their child by taking off the diaper.

Parents who are completely new to EC'ing could start with some of DiaperFreeBaby's Simple Ways to Get Started with EC (link inactive). A few simple ways to get started include offering easy "pottytunities" such as at diaper changes and after naps, or simply observing the signs your child may give prior to eliminating. We challenge you to try whatever appeals to you. That's the great thing about EC: It's adaptable to many different families' needs and lifestyles.

For those not ready to take the EC "plunge," the challenge could be simply to find out more. You can do this by reading a book such as Infant Potty Training: A Gentle and Primeval Method Adapted to Modern Living (reviewed in this issue) or Diaper Free! The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene (offered free with membership while supplies last). You can also read an article or attend a local meeting or event.

In addition to the fun of "catching" your first pee there are some other fun things parents can do to illustrate to themselves some of the benefits of EC. Try keeping track of how much money was saved on disposable diapers for the day or how much time was saved on laundering cloth diapers. Coming soon: we'll post lots of fun ideas on our website. Accept the challenge today!

"No matter what the age of your baby is, EC'ing in the summer can be quite enjoyable for the whole family. For a newborn who pees frequently, not having to remove extra clothing can make the experience much easier. For a more stable baby sitting up on his own, the outside air and world around can be fun to observe while sitting on the potty. And for a mobile baby, some naked time in the great outdoors might be just what he needs in order to start taking himself to the potty." Melinda Rothstein, Co-founder and Executive Director.


This summer, DiaperFreeBaby is celebrating DiaperFreeDays across the country and across the world. These are fun social events highlighting the benefits of EC for parents, children and the community at large. Each one will be a little different, reflecting the local flavor of the area where it takes place. Some might be a playgroup at the playground, others might be presentations- perhaps with a multi-cultural theme. Still others might be an information tent on the town green. We'll soon be launching a new website with information on attending or hosting a DiaperFreeDay in your area.


Membership in DiaperFreeBaby is now available! Become a member today!

The biggest reason to become a member is to support DiaperFreeBaby in its mission of "helping families around the world discover and enjoy the emotional, developmental, environmental, and health benefits of practicing Elimination Communication." If you belong to a local DiaperFreeBaby Group, a portion of your dues will be earmarked for that local Group. As a member, you will also enjoy other membership benefits, a member discount on some items you may purchase from DiaperFreeBaby (our store will be online soon!), an annual members' report, and members-first access to our quarterly publication, Infant Pottying Today, starting with the next issue due out in October.


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