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Call for Submissions

DiaperFreeBaby is always looking for good writers who are enthusiastic about sharing their EC experience with parents new to EC. For our quarterly publication, Infant Pottying Today, we are specifically seeking submissions for the following columns:

  • Cover Story: an 1000-2000 word piece on some aspect of the practice of EC which would be of general interest to most readers.
  • Getting Started - a personal story about getting started on EC, which could include how you discovered EC, why it appealed to you, and what it was like to begin. 800 words and up.
  • Graduation: Different stories about graduation - the journey to a toilet-independent lifestyle. This experience varies for everyone and as such we welcome hearing about your individual experiences. 800 words and up.
  • Question from an EC'ing Family, FAQ, and Helpful Tips: Brief, 300 words or less answers to specific EC'ing questions. We need both questions and answers. Past examples have been: EC'ing in Cold Weather, EC'ing in Public, Nighttime EC.
  • Creative Corner: Poems, essays, or artwork on the topic of EC.
  • Photos: Photos of your EC'ed baby. A few tips: make sure you're down at baby's level and close up, try to have a clean background (no stray or dangling objects), and help baby to put on a happy expression for the camera.

Please send your submissions or your questions to Infant Pottying Today.


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