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DiaperFreeBaby and EC in the News

by Elizabeth Parise

The fact that there is still strong media interest in EC and DiaperFreeBaby is proof that this is something that really speaks to people. Last year's New York Times article is still generating interest and each new media piece is an opportunity to inform more parents.

We have been embraced by the whole world. Some cultures are finding out about EC for the first time, the ancient wisdom of this natural method of childcare having been long forgotten. For other cultures EC is still a current methodology, though the term may be new. To find out that Westerners are re-discovering this method validates it to those who want to do things the "modern" way.

There have been several excellent international pieces done recently. Practical Parenting magazine in the UK presented potty training tips from a variety of perspectives. Two out of the three methods they highlighted recommended EC techniques. Today's Parent Singapore article (which can be found on the DFB website in News) focused on the environmental benefit of EC. It included an informative interview with DiaperFreeBaby Co-Founder and Executive Director Melinda Rothstein and, of course, our Singapore Mentor Lulu.

Canada continues to be a hotbed of interest. Lisa Bobrow, our Montreal Contact and Canadian PR Organizer, was interviewed live on CKUT radio, the radio station for McGill University and the Montreal area. It was an amazing interview with a lot of positive, practical information. The Globe and Mail newspaper printed a beautiful piece focusing on Canadian book author Ingrid Bauer and the Toronto DiaperFreeBaby Group.

In the US some media outlets did repeat stories. In Salt Lake City, the Salt Lake Tribune included EC prominently in an article on potty training. The first Salt Lake Tribune article was in March in their "Close Up" section. In Boston, the evening magazine show Chronicle re-aired a long and informative piece that first aired in January. There were also some unusual pieces. In Orlando Sandra Pedicini's blog on the Orlando Sentinel site put a request out for a Mentor for the DiaperFreeBaby of Orlando Group. Thanks Sandra! It was great to see that cute picture of Co-Founder Melinda Rothstein's daughter Hannah from the front page of the New York Times again, too.

In Colorado, Mary Winter wrote about EC in her weekly column in the Rocky Mountain Times. She gave the perspective of her grandmother and reflected on her own experiences with cloth diapering and potty training her children. She hopes to be a grandmother someday and may even add Laurie Boucke's description "the potty whisperer" alongside "writer" in her accomplishments.

The most unusual media piece was the talk show The Greg Behrendt Show on the brand new CW network. EC and DiaperFreeBaby was featured on a show titled "How to Raise Great Kids." Greg and actress Tia Carrere demonstrated pottying positions on baby dolls with ECing mom Elizabeth Orr. Robin Hagerty, a DiaperFreeBaby Mentor, did a great job explaining EC in a fun, yet informative way.

The variety of different pieces and vehicles for getting the word out reminds me that it is important to explain EC in a variety of ways to a variety of people. EC is adaptable to many different family situations, interests, and lifestyles.What resonates with one family might not with another. Just like families make adjustments to make EC work for them, feel free to adjust your presentation of EC to the situations, needs, and lifestyles of your audiences.

Please check out the updated In The News page for all the new stories.


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