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Mid-Peninsula DFB Silicon Valley/Southern San Francisco Bay Area, California

How We Got Started:
An astute and motivated local mom noticed that there were several of us in Silicon Valley posting to the 'eliminationcommunication' Yahoo! Group. She took the initiative to start the DFB group in April 2005 and invited six or seven others to join.We started out holding playgroups at member homes and at local playground/parks. There was no real focus of discussion, we would just chat about EC.

How We Grew:
With the release of several articles on EC by major media outlets (New York Times, People Magazine, etc.) and increasing word of mouth referrals, our group grew by leaps and bounds. From our original six or seven attendees we now have 110 registered online participants. Can't believe we've grown so much in so little time!

What We Do:
We hold meetings monthly, usually in the home/backyard of a group member.We also hold occasional meetings in parks and playgrounds. Since we have such a large group, with attendees at all levels of EC practice, we go around our circle and everyone answers the following questions:

1) What is your name?
2) What ages is your child/children?
3) When did you start EC? Or have you not started yet?
4) How is it going for you now?
5) Any problems or challenges you want to discuss?

This works very well for our group. Beginners get to ask basic questions and hear a variety of suggestions and demonstrations. Experienced EC'ers get to share their knowledge and present a picture of more advanced EC or gradhood. The quiet people get a chance to speak up and be heard. The group stays focused, connected and interested.

From time to time we also hold informal playgroups, which are just an opportunity for attendees to get together informally, chat, play Show-and-Tell with various training pants and EC emts, and let the kids play with other kids who are used to being pottied!

Within our local Yahoo! Group ( members post frequently with EC questions, comments, observances, problems, successes, etc. Parents who cannot attend meetings can still find support and community within the online group.

It's great to watch our little babies grow into toddlers. Some of our member babies were not even sitting up when the group was founded, and now they are running around with each other and becoming toilet independent! Many of us parents have become friends within the group,and our children are friends too. It's a great community. Thanks, DFB!

To find your local group, please visit the Local Groups page. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, you can find more information Become a Mentor page.


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