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What kinds of signals indicate that my baby needs to go?

The following are some behaviors to look for which might indicate a need to use the potty:

Squirming or fussing: Many people only think of these as a sign of hunger, sleepiness, or boredom, but you can try offering the potty as well.

Change in activity level: Some babies might get really active while others might pause in activity and even stare.

Facial expression: Babies often have a particular grimace, strain, or just exhibit a certain look.

Vocalization: Some babies grunt or increase the speed and volume of their sounds. Some babies quiet down noticeably.

A "shiver": A baby will sometimes quiver a little, which is often followed by staring or smiling.

Passing gas: This is a really obvious sign. Even if they don't have bowel movements at the time, some babies feel more comfortable passing gas sitting on a toilet or potty.


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