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Question from an EC Family

Can I do EC if I have older children to take care of?

Of course! When pottying is not possible because of the priority of an older child, something like, "Mama is busy right now taking care of sister/brother. It is okay to use your diaper and I will change you as quickly as possible" can keep the communication strong. Some days just offering the potty during diaper changes is all that can be managed, and that's just fine. The important thing is that the communication about where the elimination goes is maintained.

In addition, seeing the baby on the potty or eliminating without a diaper may inspire other children who are not potty independent to use the potty. Pottying can become a family affair and everyone can go together. That way, regular pottytunities are available.

Sometimes older children (even pre-schoolers) will pick up on the baby's signals that a caregiver may be unable to ascertain for whatever reason. Enlisting an older child's help in this way gets baby to the potty and the older child involved in a completely different way.


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