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Survey Question: What do people say when you are ECing?

One friend said "Let me see your party trick" to my son when he was about six months old as I was taking him to the toilet. She doesn't really think it is possible for babies to know that they have to pee/poop.

Another friend told me "You are crazy for doing that (EC)." She said I must be stuck at home all of the time.

A pediatrician we saw for a sick visit was excited to hear about EC and took the time to write down the web address for Diaper Free Baby when I told her about it. She said she likes to learn about new things from her patients. All of this came up because I stepped out during an appt. so that Nathan could pee-he was quite squirmy until I took him to the toilet.

A friend who was skeptical when we started ECing our baby remarked
last week that after changing a "really gross poop" for her 18m old daughtershe thought that I might be onto something. I reminded her that she could do it with her baby who is due next week and she just laughed.
Jaime, Boston

"I think babies should just be allowed to be babies and not worrying
about peeing or pooping in their diaper."
Emily, Avon

The most common thing I get is just friendly curiosity: "Are you training him? I saw that on TV - does it really work?"
Jenny, Cambridge

Ha ha, no one ever saw me EC my baby. Whenever anyone asked Marc about how Hannah got "potty trained" so early, he always said, "She did it herself (with a little help from Linda)."
Linda, Newton


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