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EC Product Review: gDiaper

By Jenn Griffith

Lia, 10 months, wearing her gDiaper

Lia, 10 months, wearing her gDiaper


As a part-time ECer, in between potty moments I use gDiapers. My daughter, now 15 months, has been in gDiapers since she was about 6 weeks old, and has been part-time EC'd since 3 weeks. gDiapers are an option relatively new in the US, having come from Australia not much more than a year ago. There are three significant parts to a gDiaper: 1)the cloth outer gPant, 2) a snap-in waterproof liner, and 3) the insert, which is the best part. The inserts are made of a flushable wood pulp fluff and SAP (an environmentally neutral super-absorber), and can be flushed or tossed; wet (not soiled) inserts can even be composted in your garden in 50-150 days.

gDiapers are certified "green" through their entire production, use, and disposal, which I think is a pretty amazing thing! I have never really used cloth as a diapering solution, so I can't compare gDiapers to cloth. I do know, however, that they are a fantastic alternative for people like me, who don't want to be using disposables for mostly
environmental reasons (yikes, 500 years in a landfill!). They cost a few cents more than premium disposables, but for me that is a worthwhile cost. There are also many families successfully using cloth inserts in their gPants.

Why the big fuss about gDiapers? Because they are well designed, comfortable, easy, and so darn cute! The company is fantastic, the product is unique, and there is a whole Yahoo gDiapering support group full of many other part-time EC-ers.

Visit gDiapers for more specific details and information.


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