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Helpful Tip: EC Baskets

In the first weeks of parenthood, no one wants to be up and down constantly to fetch supplies for the baby. EC'ing parents of newborns will find it useful to assemble little baskets of EC'ing supplies to keep around the house to help EC get off to the best possible start. When EC supplies are close at hand, it's that much easier to decide to give EC a try right then rather than waiting until "next time."

Assembling these baskets makes a good nesting activity in those last few weeks before the baby comes. The baskets also make wonderful baby shower gifts.

Some suggestions for your EC basket are:

A few cloth prefolds and receiving blankets to loosely wrap around baby

Diapers, if you are using them - cloth inserts or doublers inside a diaper cover are more than adequate

A Potty Bowl or other similar container to use for catches

A waterproof lap pad made of wool or PUL

Toilet paper, a water spritzer and some cloth wipes, or commercial wipes

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