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Holding A Green Baby Shower

By Elizabeth Parise

A hot new trend in baby showers is an environmentally-friendly shower, and EC fits right in. Below are some ideas for throwing your own "green" shower.


- Consider an e-invitation
- Create your own invitations by making a collage out of old magazines, cards, and wrapping paper
- Choose invitations made with recycled paper and printed using soy based ink
- Use a "plantable" invitation made out of seeded paper
- Include a list of eco-friendly gift ideas with shopping information (see below)

Menu and Decorations

- Cook using organic ingredients
- Use a catering service that uses organic ingredients
- Shop for local ingredients
- Have a pot luck shower and have each guest bring an organic food item to share
- Display an edible centerpiece
- Make small flower arrangements out of wildflowers or locally grown flowers and place them in mugs or glasses

Eco-Friendly Gifts

- Have each guest bring a frozen meal for the parents to save and enjoy in the hectic, new-baby days
- Make an EC kit in a small potty filled with EC supplies, and "wrapped" in a wet bag or potty tote
- Give an EC book or video, or choose another gift from the DiaperFreeBaby Shop
- Give a gift of diaper service for few months
- Give a gDiaper starter kit
- Choose organic baby clothes- gowns and t-shirts are easier to use than onesies, and bottoms that pull up and down are easier than overalls for EC
- Make an EC Basket (see EC Baskets, in this issue)
- Give a tree to be planted which can grow as baby grows
- Use "plantable" wrapping paper made out of seeded paper
- Use alternatives to paper gift wrapping such as baby blankets, canvas tote bags, or baby towels


- Choose an edible favor such as a homemade baked good
- Place some herbal teabags or bag of organic coffee into a mug
- Have the guests sign a large plate, platter, or serving bowl from a paint-your-own pottery studio
- Hand out soy candles to be lit when the expectant mother goes into labor
- Allow guests to bring home the small flower arrangements described above as favors
- Give out seed packets in flower pots


- Use the green cleaning tips in this issue
- Use recyclable or biodegradable products
- Use washable dishes, cups, and flatware
- Have recycling and composting bins

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