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Letter From The Editor

We've been hearing a lot about global warming lately, and as a mother to three young children, I often find myself wondering what the future holds for them and how I can help shape that future. This is one of the great benefits of Elimination Communication (EC). With EC, the whole diapering debate over cloth versus disposables becomes moot - after all, what could be more eco-friendly than a diaper free baby?

This issue of Infant Pottying Today focuses on EC and the environment. We have a collection of articles of interest to the environmentally-conscious EC'ing family. Laurie Boucke tells parents how infant pottying helps reduce their carbon footprint, and Laurel Web tells us how EC helped her opt out of the whole debate of cloth versus disposables in her inspiring personal story. We're also introducing you to the website, clean Earth...happy baby!™. Thank you to Elizabeth Parise, a Massachusetts DiaperFreeBaby Mentor and our Communications Manager, for her hard work pulling this inspiring, information-packed website together. Read more about clean Earth...happy baby!™ below, peruse all our tips on going green, and see how you can help hold an event in your own area to promote awareness of EC and the environment.

You'll also see a new column in this newsletter -the EC Product Review. In this issue, EC'ing mom Jenn Griffith reviews the gDiaper - a great solution for people who prefer the convenience of disposables but want something more environmentally sound. If you would like to suggest a product to review or to write up your own review for us, please contact us at

Best wishes,

Christine Gross-Loh, Infant Pottying Today Co-editor


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