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By Elizabeth Parise, Communications Manager

clean Earth...happy baby!™
The clean Earth...happy baby!™ campaign was started in the summer of 2006 to raise awareness of the environmental benefits of practicing Elimination Communication. It seemed fitting to highlight it in this issue, but also quite a bit has been accomplished since last year.

We have created materials supporting the clean Earth...happy baby!™ campaign. Two environmentally focused mini brochures are available and may be picked up at a clean Earth...happy baby!™ event near you. Pencils embossed with the campaign title are available in packs of ten in the DiaperFreeBaby Shop.

We have also added content to the clean Earth...happy baby!™ website, including tips and testimonials, facts and stats, and articles. If you have environmentally-focused information to share, please email it to for consideration.

A large part of the idea behind clean Earth...happy baby!™ is to share the idea with others through events. This can be done in a variety of fun and creative ways! It could be an information table at an Earth Day event or a festival, a "green" party with "EC for the Environment" activities, or a discussion at a local library. To see a listing of upcoming events please visit clean Earth...happy baby!™ or for more information on planning your own clean Earth...happy baby™ event please email

Advocate Program
Advocates support the practice of Elimination Communication and the Mission and Philosophies of DiaperFreeBaby, but unlike Mentors, they do not hold local meetings. Advocates are committed to spreading the word about EC and DiaperFreeBaby. Some of the ways Advocates may wish to contribute are:

A) Agree to be contacted about local media opportunities to be interviewed and/or work with the DiaperFreeBaby PR Department to coordinate the media opportunity.

B) Present a workshop or an exhibit booth on Elimination Communication and DiaperFreeBaby.

C) Plan and execute a special DiaperFreeBaby event such as a DiaperFreeDay™.

D) Choose a special PR related project such as writing and designing PR materials.

Advocates may also work on special projects related to the environment or healthcare.

The DiaperFreeChallenge™

The DiaperFreeChallenge™ is inspired by the phrase "I tried it and I was hooked." For many people "trying is believing." So we are "challenging" parents and other caregivers to try EC for just one day. For those already ECing, the "challenge" is to pick a day to try another level of EC such as nighttime, out and about, or going completely diaper-free. Others not ready to "take the plunge" will be "challenged" to find out more by reading a book or attending a meeting.


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