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Issue No. 8: Letter from the Editor

July and August are peak travel season for many families. If you've been in a groove with EC but are gearing up for a trip and wondering whether EC while traveling is even possible, this issue of Infant Pottying Today is filled with practical tips for you. Laurie Boucke tells us about keeping your cool if you're visiting skeptical relatives, Laura M. Evans-DeSmidt combines a detailed review of the Baby Bjorn Little Potty with her own on-the-go anecdotes, Jennifer Carson shares how EC makes it easier to use cloth diapers when traveling, Elizabeth Parise encourages us to take the DiaperFreeChallenge™, and we get a fascinating peek into one parent's actual experience with the DiaperFreeChallenge™: Out and About. In addition, you'll read about the history of EC and DiaperFreeBaby, peruse a personal account of one mother's experience EC'ing her child from start to finish, read up on why and how ECers use training pants on little babies, and more.

Though each family's EC journey is unique, we benefit greatly from the perspective of others. Whether you are EC'ing in the comfort of your own home, at a park down the street, on an airplane, in a hotel, or at a relative's house on your travels, we hope you and your baby will enjoy the close communication that is a hallmark of the diaper-free journey.


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