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Creative Corner: What About EC!

By Joanne Polner

What about EC!

EC babies and parents and families are loving and caring units of humanity!

EC is a child empowering behavior.

EC builds trust.

Baby learns: what I say is what I mean and my parents understand me.

Parent thinks: I notice her and she sees me helping; she trusts that I will be there for her.

EC creates thinking pathways for baby: Baby thinks: My parent is letting me use my brain, and I am smarter because I know what is happening to me and can communicate it.

EC fosters independence and self-care. Parent thinks: When she wants to do something all by herself, I know that her developing abilities will let her take full charge from start to finish.

Right from the beginning, EC is a direct route to the cultural standard, the toilet, and it is offered immediately; it is made available to the brand new baby.

EC is an interactive happy experience. Interactive is the new museum way, the classroom way, the modern way of learning; so is the at-home and out-and-about EC way. Let's go the EC way!


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