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Featured DiaperFreeBaby Group: DiaperFreeBaby of MN (Minnesota)

By Kandace

1. How did our group get started?

The group was started by the original Mentor in 2004.

2. What kind of community do we live in and how do people find us?

The Twin Cities area of Minnesota includes St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the surrounding suburbs. We also have some members that from out of state and one or two in western Wisconsin. The Twin Cities area is fairly progressive, depending on the area, with many resources for alternative-minded families. The cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are more diverse than the suburbs but you can find progressive, attachment parenting, natural family living families in any suburb. We haven't been asking how people find us, but we do know that some people find out through friends, and it's likely that others see media pieces, check out, and then find our local group from there.

3. What are our meetings like?

Typically there is a small turnout. Currently we have about 80 members total, not including the two Mentors - Amy and Kandace. So far this year, attendance averages around 3-4 adults per meeting. We vary the meeting locations every month to ensure that all members have a chance to attend a meeting closer to home. For example, if we have a meeting on the East/St. Paul side of the metro area, the next month's meeting will be on the West/Minneapolis side. There is no shortage of meeting places, and libraries are always ideal. Meetings are very informal and we usually get a good mix of experienced EC'ers and new beginners. Meeting participants describe where they are at in terms of EC'ing their children, or state that they have not started yet and are interested in learning more.

We hope to bring more local awareness about our group by posting cards and brochures on community bulletin boards, and trying to get booths or tables secured at events that cater to parents of babies and young children.

4. How do we build and maintain a feeling of community?

Basically by doing the above, welcoming new members to the email list with a brief introduction, and actively getting the word out about our meetings. Parents and caregivers are encouraged, but never required, to attend meetings.


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