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Helpful Tip: Why and How to Switch to Training Pants

Summer is a perfect time to switch to training pants. In fact, in many cultures, changing a diapered toddler to training pants or cloth underwear during the summer is a potty-training method that has met with great success. There are several advantages of switching to cloth training pants: A baby who has previously been in disposables will become more aware of the sensation of peeing. It's also beneficial for a child who has been in cloth diapers, because unlike cloth diapers, cloth training pants might leak. This does make for some cleaning up but at the same time gives immediate feedback to parents and baby. Baby learns quickly to associate the physical feeling of peeing with the sensation of wetness. He also learns the good and comfortable feeling of remaining dry.

For an older baby, too, training pants are a good way for baby to take some initiative for himself when he has to go - they are easier to tug off by himself.

If using training pants full-time is not a feasible option for you, consider using them part of the time, whenever you are able to do so, such as in the morning or evening.


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