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Survey Answer: What is your favorite piece of EC gear?

I like the Baby Bjorn Little Potty (BBLP) because it is the perfect little seat for babies to toddlers to do their business comfortably and it allows me to have my hands free so that I can read books and play and interact with my son.
Sarah, mom of one son

Hands down, the Baby Bjorn Splash-proof Potty! Both of my girls love being able to sit on the potty and touch the floor with their feet. I use the Baby Bjorn Splash-proof potty at home and we bring the regular BB little potty with us everywhere in the car. I was fortunate to find both of them second-hand at the same rummage sale.
Betsy, mom of two girls

I like the little potty (hottie or top hat potty) that looks like a little hat and fits in my bag. Very convenient.
Ilana, mom of three children

Oh, BabyLegs because they were great for winter pottying and since I'm always out and about I didn't have to worry about Milo's little legs getting cold each time I took his pants off to potty him. They were also great to slip on without disturbing him when he fell asleep without pants and I had to put him in the car. As for the top hat potty, it's an essential in my car (easy pottying for a small baby), fits in a bag if necessary, can work for older kids in a pinch, and I also use it at night. I sit him facing me on my lap on it during nighttime pottying. I can reach easily below to see if it's warm (when he was smaller I could never hear the pee).
Alison, mom of three children


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