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Tips For Starting with an Older Baby

By Emily Russell

List of Suggested Items For Starting With An Older Child

  • At least 12-20 pairs of training underwear (enough to prevent pee from getting on the floor, but not so absorbent that child doesn't feel moisture); you may end up washing a lot of underwear the first couple weeks!
  • Plenty of extra sweatpants/playpants/shorts, if your house is cold, or if you are out and about
  • A couple of potties for upstairs and downstairs, to keep in areas where your child is most
  • Waterproof bed pad (can use crib pad) for naps and nighttime
  • Several flat sheets or towels, folded to lay over top of bed pad and tucked in sides of bed, so only sheet/towel needs to be changed, not entire bedding
  • Potty for car, if you choose to do so
  • Waterproof pad/plastic bags/towels to cover car seat
  • Packable/foldable potty seat cover, for using public restrooms
  • "Potty bag" (containing extra underwear, pants, socks, wipes, foldable seat cover, plastic bags, mat if you have to lie your child down) for going out and about while pottying your child

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