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Answers to Survey Question: Has Anyone Else Been Inspired to Start EC'ing Because of You?

Yes! At least three women that I met through a babywearing group and La Leche League found out about EC from me and have been doing great with it. A couple of them were also great with cloth diapering and using baby underwear and I wish I was as successful as they seem to be.

Ilana, 3 children, ages 3 1/2 and under, Maryland

A couple of folks come to mind immediately; I'm sure there are more!
-My sister, when her baby daughter was chronically constipated. She started EC, and it helped a lot with that.

-My son's pre-kindergarten teacher. She was looking for a way to help her son learn to use the toilet, but wasn't happy with any approach she could find. We talked about EC, and she loved that approach. She is technically a late-starter but completely on board.

-My best friend in LA. She had twins, and she doesn't EC fulltime. But she started EC with them at birth, doing diaper free time and noticing their cues, and feels it is one of the ways that they got to know the girls and to get closer to them.

Marie, 2 children, ages 5 and 2, MA

One of my dearest friends, who thought she was done having children, had a litte girl in June 2007. She thought I was nuts to practice EC with my daughter, but she found herself doing her own version with her daughter.

Samantha, 1 child, age 4, Indiana

Yes, my cousins in FL who have newborns

Honey, 1 child, age 1, NY

No, not yet but I just started. I have no doubt they will if this works!

Laury, infant twins, NY

I was inspired to start EC when I read about The Diaper-Free Baby on an Amazon list when I was pregnant. I got the book, started EC'ing the baby in the hospital, and the rest has been a pretty cool journey. When we are out, we seldom miss a pee, though we do miss. I know Sabrina, who is now almost 10 months, is going through developmental changes but I also know that she knows when she has gone. Though sometimes she tells me afterwards or I misunderstand her signals, she understands what is going on with her own body. Isn't that the goal? In that, we are definitely succeeding.
I have inspired other people in my community here in Sunnyside, Queens. At a meeting with other moms and babies, I took Sabrina to the bathroom. One other mom I know had read about EC and she was interested. I admitted that we did it and told her that it was working well for us and encouraged her to try it, so she started EC'ing part-time. A third, like-minded friend starting EC-ing her infant daughter as well. Because we mentioned EC in passing on our community online group, a group of other moms picked up on it, too. I now know personally 7 other women who EC. I don't know if I inspired all of them, but I do know that I helped create a community where people know, " Oh, Joy EC's her daughter." When asked I always try to explain it the best I can--I am glad I have the book to refer people to, though. It's like there is an expert in the matter and it's not just some crazy thing I made up. And before I started it, no one mentioned it online or to me. So it is pretty thrilling. And nice to have a community, too. Though we EC full time, I try to encourage other moms to try it, part-time, to see if it works for them.

Joy, 1 child, 10 months, NY

My friend saw me EC'ing Lu when she was a baby and her daughter was 1.5 years old. She started struggling with potty training soon thereafter. While Lu used her daughter's potty every time we went to visit, said daughter did not take to it quite so readily. So when she was pregnant with her second, I gave her a copy of an EC book. She started EC'ing her son soon after birth, and continues to do so.

And I'm sure there were at least a few people who were inspired by watching the Today show segment on DiaperFreeBaby and such.

Kate, mom of 2, NY

I know for sure that at least two people EC'ed because of me, but it is quite possible that the actual number is higher. However, two close friends have EC'ed after watching me do it with Haakon. Both of them are very happy that they are doing it with their kids. They both started from birth. One had an older child who was diapered and who has no interest in potty training. He finally started peeing free of a diaper at 4.5 years old. He still uses a diaper to poop. This friend has felt badly about using diapers with her son and feels so much better EC'ing her baby.

My other friend has a 21 month old and can't believe that she talks to people who are just starting to think about these things.

I, myself, can't think of doing it any other way.

Dara, 2 children, NY


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