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Helpful Tip: EC'ing a baby and potty training a toddler at the same time

Do you have a new baby with whom you would like to begin EC, but an older child as well who has not yet begun potty learning? How do you EC a baby and potty train a toddler at the same time?

When you have a new baby who is being EC'ed, older siblings who missed the opportunity to EC from a younger age might become interested in potty learning. Seeing the little one use the potty can inspire the older sibling to try it for herself. This is a great opportunity for your child, as long as you keep your expectations realistic. Use the same basic tenets of EC for both children, and merely tailor your approach for the older one, using tips for late-start EC or toddler EC.

Communicate! Tell the older sibling what you are doing with the baby, keeping him nice and dry. Explain that she too can be dry and introduce the potty to her.

Have potty parties with both children and have an open-door bathroom so your children know that pottying is a normal routine part of everyday life. Have a set time for this every day or just go with the flow. Just have fun while doing it.

Have a variety of pottying options and locations and keep a few strategies in your parenting toolbox. Some toddlers respond to your pottying a doll or stuffed animal, others might enjoy reading a book, and some children enjoy pottying while looking outside a window. Experiment and see what works for your child.

Encourage your older one to help potty the little one. This will make her feel important and reinforce her awareness that elimination is a normal bodily process for everyone.


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