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Born Potty Trained

Babies are BORN potty trained! Just like other animals, human infants instinctively avoid urinating and defecating on themselves. Why do you think babies go during diaper changes? It's not the rush of cold air like others will tell you -- our babies are simply (and smartly!) taking the opportunity to relieve themselves without having to sit in it! After just a few months of full time diapering, our babies are trained to ignore their natural instinct, and instead of preferring to be clean and dry, they are trained to pee and poop into their diapers.

EC Peesy Blog

We are here to make your child's potty learning journey easy peasy! We share helpful tips for practicing elimination communication, Montessori toilet learning, and non-coercive potty training. Now you have a friend to guide you along and answer your pottying related questions.

Go Diaper Free

Go Diaper Free is a multifaceted resource for beginning, troubleshooting, or wrapping up an Elimination Communication practice with your baby. The website contains a frequently updated blog; the world's only EC Podcast; an overview of what is Elimination Communication and the benefits of using EC; a thorough listing of places to find support, resources, and community sources for EC-friendly gear & clothing; several free how-to EC videos; a digital book & audiobook (endorsed by DiaperFreeBaby); and a helpful weekly EC Tips & Tricks Newsletter.

The Potty Whisperer

It often starts with a whisper, and it has many names: from the practical descriptions of “Infant Potty Training” and “Elimination Communication” to the nostalgic “Trickle Treat” from the early ’90s.
It is part of a long-established child-rearing practice that lost favor to the hyper-convenient world of diapers and fast food. It is the gentle, loving, dual practice of being attentive and responsive to baby’s natural needs.
I have now begun to think of it as “potty whispering” for this is how it begins in many places around the world.

Tribal Baby

Tribal baby explores the EC journey of a family in Australia who are "Nappy Free Down Under". It contains heaps of tips, strategies and insights into practicing EC, as well as other gentle parenting options. Tribal Baby was named "Parenting Resource of the Month" at the Natural Child Project in April.


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