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Resource Kit

We think it's amazing how easy Elimination Communication (EC) is to begin so long as parents have the right information, education, and tools to support their efforts.

We created our official DiaperFreeBaby Resource Kit to give you free access to our community's favorite books, potties, clothing, and lists of online and in-person groups.

Please fill out the below to be sent our free Resource Kit and join 10,000s of parents worldwide who are doing their best to raise their babies "diaper-free," or free from exclusive dependence upon diapers:

Get our free EC resource kit

Affiliate Links and Disclosure Statement

All links to purchase products, with the exception of Paypal links, are affiliate links and DiaperFreeBaby may receive a percentage of the sale as compensation (although it costs you nothing extra to purchase from these vendors).

We only recommend products that we believe are in-line with the ethos of elimination communication.

Your purchase helps support our non-profit organization. We appreciate you clicking links in the Resource Kit directly if there's anything in there that appeals to you. We run exclusively off of donations and referral fees and are sincerely grateful for your support.

Thank you!


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