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Thank you for wanting to support our organization by purchasing items related to Elimination Communication. DiaperFreeBaby has decided to help you find these products by linking you to our affiliates so we can focus more attention on developing our services that support you and your practice of EC. We still list all the products we have been selling and we will be adding more resources for you.

When you purchase through these links, you are still supporting our organization. Please note that purchases of the Newborn Potty will still be fulfilled by our organization. Thank you!

How-to Books

Go Diaper Free

By Andrea Olson

Infant Potty Basics

By Laurie Boucke

Philosophy Books

Go Diaper Free

By Andrea Olson

The Diaper Free Baby

By Christine Gross-Loh

Infant Potty Training

By Laurie Boucke (3rd edition)

Late-Start EC-Friendly Books
(18 months and up)

Baby Board Books

Tiny Potty

by Andrea Olson

Pete's/Lily's Potty

by Begin Smart Books

I Go Potty!

by Emily Bolam

Affiliate Links and Disclosure Statement

All links to purchase products, with the exception of Paypal links, are affiliates and DiaperFreeBaby may receive a percentage of the sale as compensation. We only recommend products that we believe are in-line with the ethos of elimination communication. Your purchase helps support our non-profit organization.

Thank you!


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