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Take the DiaperFreeChallenge™

By Elizabeth Parise

The DiaperFreeChallenge™ is a campaign designed to encourage potential EC'ers and EC'ing families to learn about EC, try EC, or take EC to another level of practice. Seeing is believing, trying it will get you "hooked", and taking a different approach can get you over an EC hurdle.

Many people discount the idea of EC based on preconceived notions. For many potential EC'ers the idea of Elimination Communication makes sense, yet they are not quite able to take the next step to actually integrating it into their lives. Those who are already EC'ing may run into a difficult time or get stuck in an EC rut. As with other developmental milestones it can be difficult to know when it is time to shift gears and move to a new stage, especially when what you have been doing has been "working". In all of these situations The DiaperFreeChallenge™ can help.

For those who have heard of EC but aren't quite convinced because of misconceptions about the practice, simply learning more about what EC really is can be the catalyst needed to make a mental shift to understanding EC. Learning more about EC through reading, attending a local DiaperFreeBaby meeting, or visiting the DiaperFreeBaby website can be helpful for the EC naysayers in your life.

The DiaperFreeChallenge™ website ( has more information and some materials to help you take the next step.If EC sounds intriguing but you're not quite sure if you can do it, the Preparing For The Challenge and (Getting Started checklists can be the trial needed to see if EC is right for you.

Taking EC to the next level can be accomplished through the Out and About, Nighttime, and Diaper-Free checklists. There are also Challenge Checklists for Graduation and Special Challenges such as Part-time, Late-start, and EC Advocacy.

Emily Russell, a member of the DiaperFreeBaby of Greater Boston Group, shares her experiences and tips on taking The DiaperFreeChallenge™ "out and about". Hear more from Emily and others at The DiaperFreeChallenge™ website at

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