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Our Mentorship Program Has Been Discontinued...however...

We are no longer accepting Mentor applications, however, the spirit of our Mentorship Program continues forward. While we've chosen to discontinue our Program due to unsustainable management and limited resources, the former Directors of DiaperFreeBaby have required that this website (a) continue to provide the same free information as before the redesign and (b) continue to link to an active network of worldwide, free, and local EC support groups.

We want all the EC information and guidance to remain free to our worldwide community. The folks here have an active directory of people who can help you, who host free and regular EC meetups, and where you can also join up as a guide yourself.

In lieu of the retired Mentorship Program, if you'd like to learn how to start a local, free EC group in your town, please visit the Coach Training Program here.

DiaperFreeBaby has long desired to offer stay at home parents the ability to earn an income in exchange for teaching EC in their communities. Since that never came to fruition, the dream continues on via the training program above. Along with offering free groups, you will have the opportunity to learn how to teach EC classes and private consultations in exchange for compensation. We believe everyone deserves a "value exchange" for their time, and we also believe in continuing to offer free resources (such as this website's information, and the free support groups found here).

If you would like to join the next round of group leader training, please... will be sponsoring 3 full scholarships, annually, to the Go Diaper Free Coach Program. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please get on the waitlist at the training program page here to be notified of application requirements.

We hope this will help support the spread of EC information by enabling more people to participate in the training program.

Thank you for your interest!

PS - There are still a few active DiaperFreeBaby Mentors in various parts of the world, but due to lack of administrative support and continued training and guidance, their numbers are few. Many have been certified with the above program since, and many are not in communication with our organization (but we are attempting contact). We are working to add any remaining active Mentors to the directory as well. If you are one or know one, please have them email us at


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