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In Search of Crotchless Clothing

I dropped by a small shop the other day to check out some children’s wear. It seems the Chinese love to have English printed on their clothing whether or not it makes sense. Sometimes, the words are completely made up. My son has a T-shirt that says, “For Expert Sailors. Sailing Solut. Ator Marine Equipment…

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Mutual Ignorance

Here in China, I feel like Superwoman. Everyone feels tired and overwhelmed with one child. Meantime, I’m out and about with two small children — one in my hand, one on my hips. There must be whispers of I-don’t-know-how-she-does-it. When people see me with two kids, they ask if both are mine. I say yes,…

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The EC Awareness

With any diaper-free baby, you’re bound to have “misses.” Except for the morning poops and post-nap pees, my EC track record is dismal at best. At home in Canada, we went through a lot of cloth diapers with my one-year-old son. Here in China, he is diaper-free most of the time which means he ends…

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The Disposable Damage


Because I hate maxi-pads, I have always been against the use of disposable diapers on a full-time basis. Until we made our trip to China this summer, neither of my two sons had ever been in disposables for more than a few hours at a time. Naturally, I felt bad about putting my 10-month-old son…

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