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Our Initiatives

hey we're local

Helping Parents Gather Locally

Our vast network of Mentors and Coaches (located in 100s of towns worldwide) helps practicing EC be a whole lot less lonely.

educating pediatricians

Educating Medical Professionals

We work hard to make sure pediatricians, midwives, and doctors receive accurate information about the benefits of EC and early potty training.


Raising Global Awareness

As we help connect parents who want to return to a simpler relationship with diapers and potty training, we are raising awareness worldwide.

Our Projects

We are planning on a few big projects over the next few years.

The First Evidence-Based EC Study

One will be the first scientific study of EC which aims to survey over 1,000 parents and report back the developmental, physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of elimination communication for babies and toddlers who were ECed before 18 months of age.

If you would like to be involved in the administration of this study, please contact us.

We are a global network of parents, educators, and supporters

Our vast network of local EC groups helps connect parents with infant potty training support, education, and advocacy.

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