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Practicing EC

75 Benefits of Elimination Communication

EC supports good health because it:

1. Reduces irritation of baby's skin.

2. Reduces the risk of diaper rash.

3. Keeps chemicals off baby's skin.

4. Enables parent to take closer note of baby's elimination patterns to develop a better sense of a child's digestive system and potentially react to allergens more quickly.

5. Allows babies to go diaper-free in bathing suits. "Swim-diapers" don't prevent urine from getting into the pool and are not comfortable for baby.

6. Reduces the risk of urinary tract infections.

7. Reduces the risk of constipation.

8. Reduces or eliminates "unexplained" fussiness and colic.

9. Reduces the risk of bed-wetting in older children.

10. Empowers special needs children by becoming active participants in caring for their own elimination needs.

Kiley, 7 months, started EC at 3 months

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