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Practicing EC

EC and the Environment

EC For the Environment

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

EC is beneficial to the environment because you can Reduce:

- Reduce the use of disposable diapers, a major contributor to landfills

- Reduce the use of water and detergents used to wash cloth diapers

- Reduce the use of disposable wipes used to clean baby's bottom

- Reduce use of plastic bags used to individually wrap dirty disposable diapers

- Reduce "unexplained" fussiness and crying

- Reduce diaper rash

And because you can Reuse:

- Reuse cloth diapers or underwear

- Reuse the potty

- Reuse cloth wipes

- Reuse wet bags for wet cloth diapers or underwear

And because you can also Recycle:

- Recycle cloth diapers as dusting rags

- Recycle cloth diapers into training pants

- Recycle wool sweaters into waterproof pads

- Recycle ancient wisdom into modern sensibility

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Ready to "GO" diaper-free?

You're learned about what EC is. Now learn how.
Get hands-on, visual EC instruction from our friends at Go Diaper Free.
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